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February 15: At last Germany wins!

February 15: At last Germany wins! It took years, but at last, a German stamp has won the design competition 'Europe's most beautiful stamp'.

Each year, the 'Deutsche Briefmarken-Revue (DBR)' organizes this competition. The 2001 winner is the German square '100 Years of Antarctic Exploration'. Runner-up was Iceland (Europe stamp 'hands with waves') and Croatia got the third place (square 'Charlemagne'). DBR readers can only judge stamps of participating postal services. The countries of the Benelux did not enter the competition. A decision for which they were criticized by the DBR. And indeed, why don't Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg participate?

More info:  Maandblad Filatelie



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February 15: At last Germany wins!
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